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LBL La Bella was established in 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. It has 3 partners. Each partner has huge experience in their field. In this way, they were able to quickly turn any disadvantag of being a new company into an advantage.

Quality is EVERYTHING to us. Thats why we follow the complete production process from beginning to end. LBL La Bella is working with the best manufacturers in Turkey. All of our products are %100 hand made.


 We export over %90 of our products around the world. Most of our buyers are from Russia, Israel, Belarus, Georgia and France. 

We are growing every day due to our high quality products and great service. We give great value to our clients and this is reflected in the growth of our business.

Our goal is to improve ourselves more and more every day as LBL La Bella Company continues  to give the best possible service to our customers.

LBL La Bella Patent
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