Meet The Team

Who We Are

Ayla Keşim

Production&Quality Manager

Ayla has more than 15 years experience in the shoe industry. She is responsible for production and quality control . Ayla is fluent in English, Turkish and Kurdish. She is at the heart of LBL La Bella. 

Serap Özler

Customer Representative

Serap has many very strong releationships with people. She understands customer demands and offers the right product at the right time. Fluent in English, Italian, Turkish and Kurdish. 


Sertaç Özler

Tech Lead

Sertaç is responsible for the customization and editing of all LBL La Bella's web pages and social media. He prepares product videos, advertisings, etc... He also coordinates all stages of the online ordering process, from beginning to end. Fluent Turkish and English.